Ebony Anpu / Charles Reese / Frater 137

The FAIR Story

"Take everything I say with a grain of Salt..." - Ebony Anpu

The Incarnation of Charles Lee Reese, aka Frater 137, aka Ebony Anpu, began in Texas on September 6th, 1950. Born into a long-time, hereditary, traditional Texas Witch family with only one elder brother, Ebony was a natural born Hellraiser. While his brother joined the Air Force at sixteen years of age (claiming he was eighteen), worked for the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) by twenty, and finally The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by twenty-five. While there he worked for The Company directly under Pablo Escobar, in Columbia, and some of his adventures and exploits can be found in the book historical narrative by Paul Eddy and Susan Walden HereThe Cocaine Wars.

Ebony's early exposure to the stories his brother would send back home prodded Ebony's obviously advanced Intellect away from the "legal" path his brother chose to the more "Alternative" routes which he would stick to for the remainder of his life. Ebony was a wonderful Story-Teller, full of stories on virtually ANY topic, but the story of his brothers' "Fall From Grace," in the eyes of CIA, his eventual Defection to Escobar's side, the subsequent "freezing" of his brothers' Assets, at the same moment that his brother caught an "unknown disease," dying in a Public Hospital, at the hands of his previous Employer: CIA. - All made a big personal impression upon him.

Stories of his childhood are few and sparse. He remembered his mother calling animals out of the forest and knocking pictures off the walls with sheer force of Will. He liked to recall the first "Sabbat" his Mother took him to, shortly after the begining of puberty. She came to him in his dream and it was only the next morning that he realized a real Ritual had taken place on his family property, while he was sleeping, and that he had actually "attended" it in Astral Form. His Mother knew quite well what had happened, as she initiated it, and began to formally train him as the natural born Texas Witch that he was.

Besides his very powerful Mother, his brother, his first Wife Cinnamon, his second Wife Liesle, and his only Daughter Chandra; Ebony rarely spoke about his Family. I will spare you (& him) the exact details. suffice it to say that he was very seriously Abused by his extended Family, at the Instruction of his own Mother. Spending much of his his free youth at the local Military Gun Range experimenting with explosives of his own design and generally hanging out with people his mother did not approve of.

So repressive was Ebony's mother that at the tender age of eighteen, just barely a Man, Ebony was making money as a Male Giggalo (read: only dated Women), which will come as a surprise to no one who has ever seen the size of Ebony's Phallus! For though a small and wiry man, Ebony was _extremely_ well hung, and knew what to do with it too! It must have been at least a full Foot long. Just another way that this small, Caucasian man resembled a Large African-American, an Identity Ebony always felt a Sympathy with, due in part to his name(s), his Soul (Fantastic Blues Guitar Player/Singer), his absolute passion for Egypt an all things Egyption, and his most un-Caucasion-like Huge Shlong.

Data from this period of his life is sparse, as he designed it to be at the time, but one thing is clear and that is that Ebony was _very active_ in the SDS/Weather Underground. specifically in the making of explosive devices, and was forced to "flee" Texas for California when his compatriots began getting caught & SDS disbanded. There was more than one reason for his flight.

One was that, at that time, the Police Computer Network between Texas and California was not yet connected; so though "Charles Reese" was "Wanted" in Texas, no one fitting his description was "wanted" in California. Two was that, it being 1968 and Ebony just turning eighteen; _Everything_ was happening in San Francisco and Berkeley from the "Free Speech" protests at UC Berkely to the opening of first OTO Grand Lodge, Thelema Lodge, in Berkeley. Three was that his Weather Underground contacts told him they had friends there and he would be taken care of.

Thus it was that Charles Lee Reese first entered California; "Charles Reese," the name, died, and "Ebony Anpu" was born. His first chosen "Magickal Name (besides the Witch Name his mother gave him) "Ebony Anpu." This name embodied all that Charles had always felt like, on the inside (with Qaballah to match, of course), and all the aspired to on the outside. His car gave out before reaching California and Ebony just ditched it (some stories say it was stolen anyways) thumbing his way out of the desert to the San Francisco Bay Area. the Newly-Reborn Ebony Anpu was about to come to rest in the Eye of a very, very, big, counter-cultural, Revolution.

Great minds attract Great minds and the same goes for the not-so-great. So too did Ebony seemingly Magnetically attract others also pursuing "The Great Work," lining up like Iron filaments to a Magnet. He began practicing Hatha, Raja, Anya, and other forms of Yoga under the tutelage of an American Lieutenant Colonel veteran of World War II named Grady McMurtrie, aka "Hymaneous Alpha," to O.T.O.Acolytes

When Ebony first met Hymaneous Alpha, Grady had relocated his base of operations from Dublin to Berkeley. Working out of his own house off the Haight/Ashbury district in SF, Ebony did everything he could to help Grady "reactivate" and "regenerate" the O?T.O. Grady was a bit famous in his own right, at the time, as one of Aliester Crowley's most promising Pupils and as such was designated the Outer Head of the Order (OHO), 10th Degree, of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) following Crowley's death. Crowley had "discovered" the O.T.O. by being a 32nd Degree Freemason
and attending Masonic Lodges in Germany, where he was approached and offered "Initiation" into this Inner Order within an Outer Order. Years later Crowley would "found" the International O.T.O. as its own Outer Order, now separate from Freemasonry, keeping the original "Sex Magick" components, and re-arranging the rest to keep by his New Aeon of Horus Thelemic model. Crowley's "new" OTO would do what Crowley felt both Freemasonry and the Golden Dawn had failed at; Initiate and teach Magick, in a progressive fashion, to the future Leaders of the New Aeon; Thelemites.

By the time Ebony was introduced to the O.T.O. it was a dying organization, to be sure, barely being held together by the old, infirmed, Lt. Col. McMurtry; the O.T.O. at the time encompased approximately 30 members. Ebony was a passionate and dedicated Student of Crowley's, a Ceremonial Magician who actually _practiced what he preached_, which is saying a lot in this world of wind-bag, "armchair magicians," who are well read and can even argue well, but when it comes to actually _performing_ Magick? They wouldn't have the faintest clue where to begin. Ebony, on the other hand, was born and raised a Witch. He knew real Magick when he saw it (or did it!), and did it he did. As Grand Secretary General Ebony worked tirelessly and constantly in due obedience to his Raja Yogi Grady so that by the late 1990's the membership numbers had soared, bringing to total to approximately 3000 members.

Ebony was a Cornerstone and fixture at the opening of "Thelema Lodge," in Berkeley, the First Official O.T.O. Grand Lodge in The United States, and a permanent fixture in the Bay Area Magickal Community to this very day. He became fast friends with a Wiccan High Priestess named Glen Turner, owner of "Ancient Ways" Occult Supplies on Telegraph in Oakland, and operator of the "Sirius O.T.O. Oasis" in Berkeley where Crowley's version of the Rites of Eleusis are performed yearly there.

Glen was a fantastic influence on Ebony, Coming from the background that he did. Ebony had a lot of understandable left-over Resentments about his mother and Witchcraft. Certainly the hereditary form of Texas Witchcraft that ran in Ebony's blood was quite a bit different frump the loving and benign Three-Fold Goddess that Wiccans honor and Invoke. By taking Ebony under her wing, Initiating him anew into Wicca, Ceremonially and Officially granting him the Magickal name "Ebony Anpu," Glen Turner gave Ebony a new lease on life and a new framework within which he could view the hereditary Texas Witchcraft which ran in his veins with a new Light. It was only after attaining the Wiccan 3rd Degree of High Priest, under the loving tutelage of Glen, that Ebony was finally able to rid himself of his past Resentments, renounce Satanism, and re-incorporate that part of himself which he had misplaced along the way. This was the True Birth of The Coven of Hawk & Jackal.

As Ebony continued his studdies under Glen and Grady his skill, knowledge, and Wisdom of Magick and Witchcraft started to gain some prestige. People would come from cities all over the globe to visit Ebony in Berkely and study under him. Now is as good a time to say this as any. Ebony's mind was simply colossal, to this day I have yet to meet anyone comparable and I have a Government Classification which makes me privy to the works of some of the brightest minds on the planet. Comparable only to an Encyclopedia, as computers were still in their infancy. High Priests Grady and Ebony, along with High Priestesses Glen and Kaitlin, almost single-handedly revived the O.T.O., revising all materials and ceremonies so that the dying Order of 1960 has become the flourishing International Order it is today. The first class I took with Ebony I fell instantly in Love with the man, and by that I mean AGAPE, the Universal Love that Nuit feels for all of Us. I could barely understand a single word he said, so complicated and advanced was his thinking, but he was always excellent about citing Sources, and by reading what he told me to read, doing the rituals he told me to do; I slowly, but surely advanced until I could understand _almost_ everything he was saying. He was the first person in my entire life I had ever met who was "like me". Though I initially could not understand him, it was perfectly evident by the way he conducted himself that he knew exactly of what he spoke and it was only my Ignorance that impeded communication. Many a denser student has left Ebony for just this reason; his Intellect and Experience towering over that of a beginner. I'm afraid many discounted him, or worse actively and Jealously despised him, originating simply from their own inability to "keep up" with him.

When Aleister Crowley died he left all of his Copy Rights to the O.T.O. (Rather than his family!) So respected was Ebony's Wisdom concerning Crowley that the OTO's First Publication under the reign of Caliph Hymaneous Alpha was a booklet named:"Stellar Visions Sourcebook #93, by Aleister Crowley and Frater 137" (goodreads.com) With Stellar Visions, he put that knowledge to use, distributing well edited, affordable editions of Crowley's writings. Essentially it was a "Souce Book" of Argentum AstrumLiber al vel Legis.

First by laying out the fundamental groundwork for O.T.O. Initiation and progress by Degrees; Every O.T.O. Thelemite today owes Ebony a severe debt of Gratitude at the very least. Second he taught by example, in his Hawk & Jackal Covens, where he actively trained High-Priests and Priestesses, who went out all over the country, spreading the Teachings, Sabbats, Esbatts, and Initiations of the Hawk and Jackal Coven. To this day, a decade or more since his passing, there are still countless Hawk & Jackal System Covens, scattered around the Globe. Thirdly he taught all manner of Magick-related classes at O.T.O. Bodies and in the back room of "Ancient Ways." Fourthly he wrote and widely distributed all sorts of texts, research papers, and basic instructions about Magick and Witchcraft. Fifthly, he taught in person, acting as a Guru to myself and many others, continuing the Tradition of Raja Yoga he'd learned from Grady. Sixth, he was quite skilled at Computer Science and maintained many Magickal/Psychic Forums On Line, teaching people around the Globe through (pre-WWW) IRC . Seventh, and finally,he INVENTED what is commonly called today"Tesseract Magick", an extremely complicated combination of rituals, based on the 22 Hebrew Letters, their Qaballistic Correspondences, their manifestation on earth according to the Hebrew Qaballistic Text Sepher Yetzirah and information Ebony gleaned from "Liber al vel Legis." The Formulas, properly cast, create a fourth-dimensional cube called by scientists a "Tesseract," with every part corresponding to 1 (one) Hebrew Letter, which has the effect of casting the Consciousness of all present into a "Parallel Universe," where whatever Magickal outcome is desired _has already come to pass_.

"Tesseract Magick" was an incredible Intellectual Feat for _anyone _ to create in the early 80's. Quantum Physics, which Ebony was also heavily learned in, had not yet proven that we, in fact, live in a "Multiverse," rather than a "Universe." This "Multiverse" is composed of a "non-infinite-but-very-large" number of "Parallel Universes," which contain the Sum of All Possibilities. A Multiverse .

As each moment is a Union of the Single Microcosm (Hadit) and the Infinite Macrocosm (Nuit), the past appears to us 4-D creatures who live in a 3-D world, as a Straight Line, while our Possible Futures branch out before us, none real until we make a choice. once that choice is made we enter "that" Universe. But at that same moment another "Universe" is created where we did _not_ make that choice. Science has now proven this to be Fact.

By distilling a manner in which a Magician could simply switch to another Universe, where his "spell" has already happened; Ebony utilized Newtons Law of "The Conservation of Energy," that is to say; Why cast a spell which takes enormous energy to change something... When you can simply slip into a Universe where it happened Naturally? Newtons Law.

Ebony spent literally years studying, practicing, and perfecting his System of Tesseract Magick. It was immediately obvious to him and all others who worked with him on this project that Tesseract Magick was simply too dangerous to be "Public Knowledge." Though Ebony was a very serious believer in the the idea that all information should be free, he drew the line at Atom Bombs, Biological/Chemical Warfare, and Tesseract Magick. Though it would eventually be one of the most famous concepts connected to his name, Ebony guarded Tesseract Magick like it was the most Important Secret he possessed. Initially only very Senior and Experienced Hawk and Jackal High Priests and Priestess' were let in on this technique. It's immense Power and simple application had stories of bizarre Parallel Worlds people visited using Ebony's Formula came pouring in from all around the world. But we've gotten a bit ahead of ourselves... When we last left Master Anpu he was a 4th Degree OTO, 3rd Degree Witch ,and the 1980's approaching fast.

Ever committed to the Great Work, Ebony decided to undertake his own Initiation, following the directions laid out inThe Sacred Magic of Abrmelin the Mage taking intoconsideration all the additions Crowley added to that System, mainlythe daily performance of Liber Samech, Crowley's ritual forattaining "Knowledge of and a conversation with Ones Holy GuardianAngel." He secured an apartment for nine months, stacked up on food,supplies, and medicine, let everyone know what he was doing, and spent the next nine months alone, talking to no one, only leaving the house for groceries and even then not speaking a word to anyone.

The Working was a Success, to a much greater degree than Ebony ever imagined possible. On the second-to-last day of his nine months he was performing Liber Samech, as he did every day, when he quite suddenly became aware that he was surrounded by Demons! Exactly as "The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage" says will occur, if performed correctly. At that time Ebony was of the opinion that, since he cast his protective circle with his mind; he must be able to Extend that Circle by force of Will. There was something outside the circle that Ebony wanted, so he "mentally" extended his Circle, took one step, and *boom* he was slammed force ably against the wall. At that moment all he could do was pray. So he prayed his heart out, his Holy Guardian Angel came down, banished the Demons, gave Ebony a secret name to call Her by, and from that moment on Ebony Anpu, aka Frater 137, was a Full Adept. Grady recognized him as such, and initiated him to the appropriate OTO Degree, the Fifth, and Ebony got his final Initiatory Tatoo, over his heart (as recommended by OTO for all Adepts.

Though I understand this may sound dramatic or implausible to many people who have never experienced True Magick directly, but "Knowledge of and Conversion with" Ones Holy Guardian Angel" is not all fun and bubbles. One incident that stands out for me was when Ebony's HGA told him to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. He tried and tried, but in the end he did not succeed and eventually died of breathing complications. Let all Magicians and Witches Beware; IF you get to speak with a Higher Power, take their Advice to heart! It is what they are there for; HGA's !

Ebony was also an avid student of Neuroscience, Ethnobotany, and Psychopharmacology. Along with other "Higher Consciousness Seekers" of the late 1970's and early 1980's; he partook of as much LSD, DMT, 2-CB, TMA-2, Mescaline, STP, Peyote, and Gods know what else, as any other "Psychic Explorer" of his time: Ethnobotany & Psychopharmacology.

Ebony was had had such a success in the OTO/Magick Community of the time, since Grady had made him "Secretary General of the OTO," that besides Grady, Ebony was the Single most Powerful, Knowledgable, Dedicated, Brilliant, and just plain Competent, O.T.O./A:.A:. Member in Existence. He knew the _complete_ life of Crowley, could cite absolutely countless quotes from any of his works, including Crowley's ridiculously enormous Autobiography, citing even the page and line number, from The Cofessions of Aleister Crowley . From his earliest childhood he had been able to remember his past lives, and in all of his incarnations he had been possessed of power. He was also a quite accomplished Scholar in Hebrew, Latin, Ancient Greek, Demotic, Hieroglyphics, and Coptic. Famous for being able to clearly translate any given Hieroglyphics at a moments notice, he was known and always very welcome to do midnight Magickal workings at the Egyptian-Styled AMORC (Ancient Modern Order of Rosecrusians) Temple in San Jose

With friends everywhere at the time, there was still a very special group of Magicians and Witches who surrounded and reveled in Ebony, partaking of many powerful and diverse Rituals, Sabbats, and Esbatts. These people include: Kaitlin L, Malachi , David Richard Jones, Bill Heidrick, Jeanette M, John B., Michael S., Michael Mooney, Liesle , Glen T., Jim, Richard Segel PM, and many, many more (Please e-mail ebony@sdf.org of you wish a name added or believe a name should be removed)

Ebony dabbled with Satanism for a bit in the early 1980's when Grady was fast friends with Anton LeVey's and his First Satanic Church. Ebony was always so far "ahead of the parade" that most people didn't even know he was in it! His speciality was in Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming, though NLP. was a very new found science at the time and most of Ebony's research material came from the likes of Franz Mesmer. and Cornelius Agrippa. The story goes that he became so proficient at Hypnosis and NLP, that he would use a large, sparkly, gem to get his victims attention (generally a beautiful, young, woman, of course), and would have them in a "suggestive state" within the first few seconds of a given interaction. Generally his first words bing something like, "you would like to come to my room, yes?" Said very softly, but rising the tone of the "yes," to heighten chance of suggestion, per NLP. According to him he has very successful at this, for a time, but he always told his Hypnosis stories like he had a bad taste in his mouth. He never boasted, it was clear that he was actually rather ashamed of those actions, and always spoke afterwards about the seriousness of The Law of Karma and how those actions had indeed come back on him very hard in later years.

Being a Full Adept, though, has its Price, and At the insistence of his HGA Ebony dropped Satanism is favor of the Goddess Worship which Glen had so compassionately emulated for him, and dove back into active Hawk and Jackal Coven workings and the perfection of Tesseract Magick, first stopping to make friends with and be very active in TOPY Temple ov Psychic Youth while it existed, and would often tell student that it is still practiced, to this day, that on the 23rd hour of the 23rd day of the month, all who wish make Magickal Sigils. He often used to chuckles at TOPYfor its nievetie when it came to Magick, as they would have all members send their Charged Sigils (usually meaning with blood or sexual fluid) to TOPY Headquarters, to sit in a file cabinet together.

On October 12th 1977, a Charter was signed in Berkeley, California by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 9th Degree, using Crowley’s Seal Ring of Ankh-af-na-Khonsu. Grady signed the Charter as a Magus 9=2. Ebony went through a dark period a few years after that, in almost direct correlation with the tribulations that the O.T.O. Itself experienced at that time. Grady saw early the drastic changes taking place, the lowered standards of the so-called "Adepts" the Order was now producing, and initiated Ebony as far as 7th Degree Officially. Though privately Grady conveyed to him _ All_ the Secrets of both the OTO and A:.A:, as given to Grady by Crowley himself. He offered to initiate Ebony to the 9th Degree, but ever honest about his Magickal Accomplishments, Ebony turned him down. an offer he would later regret for the rest of his life. So many were being initiated to Degrees they had in no way earned, so many 9th Degrees having no notion of what "Knowledge of and Conversation with One's Holy Guardian Angel" meant at all, and that was supposed to be 5th Degree work!

Grady also marked a special chest as Ebony's Inheritance from Guru to Best Student, a chest filled with books and Magickal items, many of them passed down from Crowley himself. Hymaneous Alpha wrote an Official O.T.O. Letter about the chest and it was placed at Thelema Lodge, in Berkeley, for "Safe Keeping."

It was not long after that that Grady passed in 1986 and control of the entire OTO was now being actively fought in court by three separate factions, none of whom seem particularly worthy of being Caliph of the OTO to Ebony, and none of whom seemed to care about Ebony, his contributions to the Order, nor his Magickal Status as Direct Descendant of Crowley, through Grady.Some O.T.O. history. Had he Willed it; Frater 137, Ebony Anpu, could just as easily argued in court that _he _ should be the new Caliph. But Ebony was humble and anything but power-hungry. He saw the court battle as petty and below him, preferring to live a life of Rituals and Magick to bullshit Politicking. He saw the Order he helped to build being filled with "slaves" and "sheeple." People who _worshipped_ Crowley, rather than trying to be like him! the exact mistake that Crowley attributed to the massive failure of Christianity; Everyone _worshipping_ Jesus Christ, instead of trying to _Emulate_ him, as Jesus taught. Now the O.T.O. was being populated by what Ebony called "Crowleyanity," the worship and veneration of Crowley as a Prophet or Messiah, rather thanba humanbTeacher and role-model. Now ranks of people were joining the O.T.O. because of the rumors of Sex Magick in the Higher Degrees. Lustfulll and petty people who saw Crowley's and thus O.T.O.'s Gnostic Mass with its Naked Priestess on the Altar, as nothing more than foreplay to a sex show. Master Anpu would often say of such people, "do your Gods answer your Prayers? If not they must not like you much! Because mine do! Ha ha ha! Maybe you'all need to trade up."

The worst affront of all was when a newly (and suspiciously speedily-initiated) 9th Degree named Jerry Cornelius, aka, Frater Achad, stole Grady's trunk (Ebony's Legitimate Inheritance for all his work on behalf of the Order) for his own, keeping it at his own Oakland O.T.O. Oasis for years after here . Cornelius, to this very day, has done *nothing* at all for the O.T.O. Or the Magickal Community besides setting up his own little fiefdom inside it, brainwashing countless, innocent, O.T.O. Initiates into his own egocentric and perverse view of "Thelema," and Magickally attacking any promising Student of Thelema, even a 14-year-0ld student of both Master Long's and Master Anpu's named Barrett Brown; Cornelius has no Shame nor honor. He attacked young Barrett with demons summoned and bound usingCrowleys Goetia. Lucky (or Destined, perhaps) for Barrett, he was a very skilled student of the Goetia even at 14, and was able to defeat Cornelius Magickal attack easily. the next Wednesday, at Ebonys 7pm Ceremonial Magick class, Barrett mentioned that he had been mysteriously attacked by someone he did not even know! he described Jerry Cornelius, giving both his birth and Order name ("Frater Achad," meaning "Love and Unity," a cruel Irony for a Left-Hand Path Black Magician like Cornelius!), along with hisDegree. Both Masters Long and Anpu were shocked, to say the least.
Barrett was the first of only two children who ever attended Ebonys classes at Ancient Ways, the other being Daniel Callahan, who now works with the Multi-Disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Research (MAPS) Stanford in Molecular Biology. Barrett,to the best of my knowledge, began attending UC Berkeley at sixteen years old (as too did Daniel) and today has a BA in Cultural Anthropology (specializing in Indignous Magick, Whitchcraft, and Shamanism) from UC Santa Cruz, is a Master Freemason, and a Baba l'Orisha, training to be an Awo, initiated into his Ile at Ode Remo, Nigeria. The intelligence and subsequent world-wide successes of these two Pupils (Daniel often equated with the Jackal and Barrett the Hawk) of Ebony's speak for themselves. There were no "dunces" among Ebony's Pupils (with the negligible exception of that twat Nathan Bjorge). Master Brown has long been known to the Magickal Community in the Bay Area as one of, if not "The", most dedicated Student Ebony ever had, with the possible exception of Randall James. Daniell isinitiated into a Lucumi Ile and is fast on his way to becoming a full Santero. Ebony's Chest stayed with Cornelius until a Magickal battle between an A:.A:. Lodge located within an O.T.O. Camp in Hayward run by Mark Newcomb, aka Frater Lux Summos Dios, with the assistance of Master Long, and (now) Master Brown, at the instigation of Cornelius and the few so-called pupils of his own corrupt and twisted view of Thelema.

A classic White Lodge versus Black Lodge scenario, which happens all over the world daily, and is fairly accurately depicted in Crowley's second novel-based-on-realityMoonchild. , as well as one by Alejando Jodorowsky,Psycomagick

In the end the Black Lodge was defeated and Cornelius mysteriously lost his lease; scattering him and his students, but never recovering the chest. The new Regime O.T.O. really seemed to want Ebony to be completely forgotten, for reasons still unclear to The White Lodge. Conelius made up a fiction from out his ample behind, wherein _he_, and not Ebony, was actually Grady's "True Pupil," though any competant Historian will quickly prove the two never even met! Two remaining members of this White Lodge are Frater Lux Summos Dios, aka Mark Newcomb, 6th Degree OTO, (mark link)and Wade Long, OTO/TOS/Independant/US Navy. Though Master Newcomb is a True Adept and member of A:.A:, his health and memory are not at all what they used to be, and sadly his "memories" of Ebony and Hawk and Jackal are less-than-accurate. Master Long, on the other hand, was an especially intelligent and resourceful Initiate of Ebony's in the late 1980's through the year 1999 and his accurate account of Ebony can be found:Here. Master Long, fresh from the Navy (where he precociously listed his religion as "Satanist"), knew the Genuine Article when he saw it and Ebony was a true A:.A:. adept, if there ever was one. Master Long helped Ebony to perfect his written manuscripts, improve some of the formulas, and took Barrett under his wing. For though Ebony was constantly impressed by the questions and actions of that young Magician, he was still quite legitimately paranoid about hanging out with minors, the Oz House Police Raid forever tattooed upon his Mind. Master Long took over the Guru-ship of Barrett and completed his training for the next four years, until Ebony would finally let Barrett into his personal life, His Hawk and Jackal Coven, etc.

Another true story of such a Magickal Battle, which takes place around this time period is well chronicled in "The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz," by Satyr. Though Ebony's role is minor in this short narrative, the depiction is extremely accurate, and portrayals of other people important to Ebony (like Kaitlain) can be found there, along with a good description of the general feelings of the time: The Black Lodge of Sant Cruz

The Completely Active Ceremonial Magicians, that the O.T.O. was designed to train, were actually very rare, most members only reading about Magick, but never successfully practicing it. This disheartened Ebony to no end, but rather than fight the O.T.O. Court Winner,William S. Breeze, new O.T.O. Caliph, Ebony just withdrew and practiced more with the Hawk & Jackal, Church of Satan, TOPY, and AMORC Magicians, for the time. It was then also that he started seriously teaching classes at Ancient Ways, on a variety of subjects, but most often:Ceremonial Magick .

His classes there were pure Magick, themselves, and attracted a bizarrely diverse crowd. the vast majority of whom came not for his class Lecture, ad they already knew that material, but for the question and answer section afterward where Ebony would answer any question imaginable and if needed could instantly pull a book off the store shelf to prove it. I never once saw him stumped. It was very common for him to perform basic rituals for all present, to demonstrate exactly how Ceremonial Magick was actually Performed. His Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) Here, and Star Ruby Ritual are still famous for their Power and Potency. And though some may have seen him as a know-it-all (usually complete Dullards), he was always very careful to open and close every class with:

"Take everything I say with a grain of salt. If you don't have any, they sell it in the store here very cheap, go get some. Because I know I can't convince you of anything, all I can do is share my experiences, and what has and has not worked for me. You need to actually do Magick for yourself if you want to be a real Magician."

He met and practiced with many very dear people at this period of his life including: Daniel Callahan, Liesle , Kaitlin, Glen T., Wade Long, Barrett B., James Randall, Aimee Hornburger, Bill Heidrick, Jim, and many more ( please email averykates@ntfn.org for additions/subtractions from this list).

As the 1980's were coming to an End a few things happened, involving Ebony. First his only brother died. As his only truly loved family (Besides Liesle, whom he'd later marry and his young daughter Chandra who was living with Cinnamon, his first wife), this hit him kinda hard. I will recount the story of Ebony's brother out of respect for his service to our Country and out of respect for Ebony. Roughly verbatim:

" So my brother worked for The Company, right? Well he's working with Pablo Escobar, the cocaine kingpin, and the first time he fails to follow a direct order his wife in America dies 'accidentally' in a car accident. He's told, ' you can always get another wife, but don't screw up again. Some years later he does, again, and his only child 'accidentally' dies, he's told ' you can always have another child, but don't screw up again.'. A few years after that he had nothing left but stashed money and decided to defect to Escobar's side. Before he could leave from a visit to the U.S. all his assets were frozen, even the ones he thought secret, he caught a disease no one had ever heard of, and died alone in a Public Hopital."

In 1985, Ebony printed The Book of the Jackal. Distributed as a beautiful calligraphic manuscript, this was the first complete, public, written presentation of Tesseract Magick, though he would later decide this was too powerful to be Public Knowledge and quicly burried his "Opus Magnum." Grady McMurtry died in 1986 and, following the election of Hymenaeus Beta (William Breeze) as his successor (after the lengthy court case, of course), Thelema Lodge in Berkeley was deactivated as The Head-Quartets of the O.T.O. and Grand Lodge moved to New York , though Thelema Lodge is still thriving and well today, after being combined with other local O.T.O. bodies (Current Lodges) .

The last straw was a Police raid of "Oz House," (O.T.O. News). An OTO-affiliated house, but not an official body, where underage girls and drugs were found (lots of marijuana and some LSD). It was not that big a deal and Oz House was and is to this day a very Homogenous and Healthy group of Occultists, totally benign. But the papers made a big stink about it "Weird Cultists Drugging Underage Girls!" And other ridiculous and totally inaccurate headlines. So the O.T.O., premised on personal Freedom and Individuality (In Fact "Oz" house named forLiber Oz by Crowley, a Treatese on Personal Rights) chose to "button down" and turn more "conservative," stooping to carding young-looking people at all Public events now, despite the O.T.O's official 501c3 non-profit Religious Corporation status, and barring underage people from the weekly Gnostic Masses due to the nudity (when Crowley's original design for the Mass has two children as candle-bearers). The O.T.O. was becoming even lamer. Then, as if it could get any worse, due to the A.I.D.S. scare and totally fraudulent "logic," the O.T.O. changed their rules about the Cakes of Light, which were supposed to contain the baked remains of sexual fluids that the Priest and Priestess of the Mass made during a sacred ceremony. Despite the fact that baking would easily destroy all traces of H.I.V./A.I.D.S., Hymaneous Beta Decreed that all fluids must be "turned to ash" before being baked. This was about the last straw for Ebony and the O.T.O., as the way he saw it, Magickally, the Mass Cakes, now made from Ashes, were literally Cakes of Darness, not Light. Eating the remains, rather than the true fluid, turning the Mass Satanic in his view and that of many other " Old-time" O.T.O.'ers. It's clear to any true Thelemite, even those in the O.T.O. that Cakes of Light could not be made from Ashes, Magickally speaking, and in private still do as Crowley instructed.

All of this led to the O.T.O. just being less fun than it used to be and for some years he stopped paying dues.

The early 1990's found Ebony hale and hearty at Sirius Oasis or Ancient Ways. He had kept an avid interest in computer technology and regularly participated in the then-cutting-edge BBSs, Newsgroups, and IRC Internet Relay Chat. He had attained a real cult following from both Ancient Ways and his lively Internet discussions.

He set up the O.T.O.'s first BBS at Thelema Lodge, named meaningfully "The Butterfly Net." Using his knowledge of Hypnosis and computer programming he was able to construct a series of programs to change the viewers brain-wave pattern. He called this the Xeno Project, a jab at Scientologists I imagine. the first strobe pattern changed ones brain waves to Alpha, then the second strobe changed it to Beta, etc, until Conscious Delta is reached. This was somewhat successful, but never as advanced as the machines that now sell in The Sharper Image Catalogue here. This was also around the time he first started dating Liesle, a Celtic High Priestess in both bloodline and training, who would become the second great love of his life, and eventual second wife

People in this period include: Johaness Ayers, April Sommers, Barrett Brown, Daniel Callahan, Jeanette M., Glen T., Bill Heidrick, Chandra Fries (his daughter, now a young woman), Kaitlin, Randall James, Jim, Wade Long, Nana, Randall Vogel, Danielle, and many more (email: ebonyanpu@sdf.org for Additions/Subtractions). He had a very active Hawk and Jackal Coven that somehow always seemed to attract the most beautiful young women, though Ebony always insisted on a strict 1:1 ratio of males and females, and there was much Jelousy by many, many other so-called Thelamites as to why they did not have it as good as Ebony seemed to have it. Could not understand that he did real Magick and that the Goddess sent him Priestesses intentionally. Ebony was always very Sensative to this area of his life. As long as there were Priestesses around, he knew he was doing his True Will, or close to it. It was when there were none around that he knew he had some serious personal housecleaning to do.

The 1990's was a strange and wonderful time for Ebony in many ways. For the first time in his life he had a crop of viable Students and some of them, like Master Long, and now Master Brown, had gone on to have Students of their own. Ebony had raised Priests and Priestesses who had gone out and made their own Hawk & Jackal Covens, with their own Priests and Priestesses. He had finally perfected his Tesseract Magick and was free to explore Parallel Dimensions as he wished. He and a small working group at Oz House, including Kaitlin and Randall, undertook a series of Tesseract "jumps" attempting to record the results. The tales that come from that group are many and marvelous. During that time He witnessed Cornelius beaten down in Magickal Combat, his students scattered and disgraced, though Jerry is no doubt still around, spreading like a virus his own twisted brand of cult "Thelema." Finally, one of his most promising students Master Brown, though a terrible delinquent, had introduced Ebony to his first Student, to be tested by Ebony, to assess Brown's ability in A:.A:. Training. Well, the student passed with flying colors, and more so this beautiful, young, eighteen year old girl was madly infatuated with Ebony. Ebony could not resist her temptations, despite his limitless Love for Liesle, and Aimee Hornburger became his lover and student until his death. Leisle was always very kind to him about this, understanding that Polyamory was a deep and important part of Ebony's Nature. few notes only remain to be mentioned about his last years on Earth, in this Incarnation. Firstly he had acquired the ability to Channel both Nuit and Babalon, through his left hand, in a manner similar to Jack Parsons and his work,Freedom is a Double Edged Sword. His dialogues with both Nuit and Babalon where chronicled by him under the title, "Concerning the Witchcraft, vol 1-9." A great part of these dialogues are simply Ebony, a mere man after all, trying to understand his situation on earth and get guidance. Other portions are his requests for information about both his Hawk & Jackal System and his Tesseract Working and subsequent revisions he made to both, based on their advice. These dialogues prove themselves to be Higher Beings in numerous places, by the use of cunning Qaballah, in a manner not disimilar to Crowley, Aiwass, and Liber al vel Legis. Even Ebony himself, a many time proven Master of Hebrew Qaballah, missed subtle meanings hidden by the Goddesses in her writings until literally years later.

At one point, about 1997, Ebony had the distinct bad luck to attract a nasty little parasite by the name of Nathan Bjorge. Bjorge was a Graduate Student at UC Berkeley, a fresh Minerval in the O.T.O.( Degree 0), his Degree was in Philosophy, and he fashioned himself as an "Intellectual Magiciann(read: Completely Incompetant). At least he knew a quality mind when he met one, because immediately upon meeting Ebony at Ancient ways, he stuck to him like glue. Bjorge is a short, skeletal, pasty, kiss-ass of an eternal-boy with a bizarre Amish beard, that he wears to this day. Only dressing in black, the closest Bjorge ever came to a female body part was at Ebony's Coven meetings. No one ever having witnessed Nathan perform even the simplest of Banishing Rituals, he quickly moved in with Ebony, and declared himself an expert at the Hawk and Jackal System, Tesseract Magick, and all things Ebony Anpu. I can say, from knowing Ebony for over forty years, and being very close to him at that time that Nathan Bjorge was never even Ebony's student, let alone his friend, nor did he even witness any of Ebony's Magick, save for two Coven visits, where he mostly stared at breasts he'd never get to touch.

So it came as an Extreme Displeasure to me and my Coven to google Ebony Anpu and find little Nathan's pathetic excuse of a summary of Ebony's life:O.T.O. Memorial. Printed in over seven separate articles in the O.T.O. Newsletter, no less, edited by Master Heidrick, an actual friend and ritual partner of Ebony's who should have known better! That little shit Bjorge knew Ebomy no longer than three years and was not privy to one cent of the secret information Ebony lavished on those he loved and respected. Bjorge was seen at Pantheacon in San Jose, California, some years ago here. and Randall shouted,

" There is that fuck who smeared Ebony on th Internet! Lets gets him!"

We rushed, but it was crowded and little Nathan scurried away through the crowd like Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter, a rat indeed. I was also privy to spend no small time with Nathan myself and he tells me what is obvious to _any_ competent Practitioner; that he is not a Magician or a Witch; just a "Philosopher." Why he even continues to go to events like Pantheacon, where he has no friends except perhaps Master Brown, Ebony's arguably Greatest Pupil, and one of the many who carry on his work. Our Spirits are with Master Brown, Master Long, Master Randall, and all TRUE Acolytes of Ebony's.

But Nathan Bjorge is nothing less than a coward, a vampire, a Fraud, and possibly a Covert Intelligence Agent sent with the specific Mission of Slandering and Discrediting Ebony, due to his brother, his involvement with the SDS/Weather Underground, or simply his threat as the TRUE EAIRE of Aleister Crowley, the Argentum Astrum (A:.A:.), and the O.T.O.

Bjorge wrote no less than six articles about Ebony, for the O.T.O. Newsletter, telling everything he could about everything could. It's clear to any analytical reader than Bjorge has no idea about the concepts he's playing with, not to mention zero direct experience. A typical O.T.O. Armchair windbag, the vulture Bjotge preyed on Ebony's remains and "made his name" in the Magickal Community by these incompetent and sycophantic scribbling's.

In 1999 Ebony finally succumbed to a particularly nasty asthma attack in the middle of the night and passed, much as his HGA had warned him about, although speculation remains about Magickal Attacks that were occurring at the time. He was cremated. Three wakes were held at Oz House and one final Memorial at The Merin Freemasonry Lodge, where Randall James, one of Ebony's best students and closest friends, performed the Star Ruby, to ensure Ebonys safe passage to the Other Side. I finally met Master Anpu's mother there, a powerful old Texas Witch if I'd ever met one, and being one myself; Ive met quite a few! She didn't seem sad at all as I thanked her for producing the man who had changed my life so much, Initiated me, taught me so much. She looked at me with sparkling eyes, a vital old bird.

Ebony lives on today in his daughter Chandra Reese-Fries, who is a beautiful and accomplished Singer/Performer as well as a Brilliant Psychic/Qaballist/Magician, and they were able to come to terms before he passed.
Chandra's Page
Master Anpu also lives on in the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of every single Consciousness he ever encountered. And though it has been made very clear to Us at The White Lodge that there are Forces and People alive today with a very dedicated and serious interest in _erasing_ the memory of Ebony Anpu completely, or if unable to do that, then to at least muddy the waters with vast torrents of misinformation; The White Lodge does not falter.

bin 2006 Master Brown contacted me regarding adding Ebony to Wikipedia. the instant attacks, both Magickal and Digital, a record of which can be found in 2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly. Black Lodges try to hide and twist the Truth, leading many down paths of shadow and Darkness, We will _Always_ be here ,fighting the Good Fight, for Balance, for Harmony, and Light.
Love is the Law, Love Under will.

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